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The Midwest Tennis Programs, LLC. (MWTP) has more than 36 years experience in the development, marketing, and management of tennis programs for cities, park districts, villages, community centers, camps, and schools.

We are specialists in managing public tennis programs for municipalities and park districts and public and private camps. We have set the standard for grassroots tennis programming for communities in Illinois and have been recognized nationally for excellence.

Rain Hotline: (847) 933-9130

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A family can learn how to train together! Learn forehand and backhand grips and swings, practice for your high school team, learn about tennis scholarships, and more! Kris Milligan, author and PTR Certified Level I Teaching Professional, gathered research and ideas for thirty three years. The Family Guide to Tennis is an industry first and historic achievement that will help children, families, and coaches reach their goals!

Smaller courts, shorter racquets and balls that bounce lower. Now, it’s easier for kids to play the game and develop a love for the sport right from the start!